multi-HIT OTCh Liska I Love A Rainy Night, RE CGN Am RI at Labrador Retriever Club of Alberta on Dec 02, 2023

Bindi Sue earned her third High in Trial at Edmonton Kennel Club August 2022, under breeder judge Karen Brearley. She earned her Rally Excellent title the day before. In December 2023 Bindi Sue finished her OTCh, then at the second trial earned a High in Trial - her fourth!


Liska Rainy Day Jazz (Jazz) received Can Ch (Conformation Champion - Cdn) on Oct 25, 2019

Jazz completed his championship at 13 months going BB over Specials at BRCA - congrats to owner Karen Gibson,


Ch Liska You'retheone That I Want (Olivia) received Can Ch (Conformation Champion - Cdn) on Aug 12, 2018

Olivia completed her championship at NACA, her second weekend of showing!


HIT Ch Attridge Kimicko April Showers, Am RI CD RE CGN (Janine) received Can Ch (Conformation Champion - Cdn) on Nov 24, 2017

In 2019 Janine earned her CGN on March 17, her RN in May, her RA in June, her CD in June, and a High Trial in June!


Kimicko Moonshadows Bi Liska CD TDI RA AADC SGDC (Tribbles) on Nov 24, 2017

Thank you, owner Lorna Moon, for allowing me to play with Tribbles in rally and obedience! Autumn 2017 - RN, RA, and CD!


Liska Kimicko Double Delight, ATChC ExJ-B ExS-B CD HC RE CGN HIT (Desiree) on Aug 18, 2017

Congratulations, Dona and Desiree, on your new Rally Advanced title!


Liska Kimicko Double Delight, ATChC ExJ-B ExS-B CD HC RE CGN HIT (Desiree) on Oct 10, 2016

Desiree & Dona earn the AADC title!


Liska Kimicko Double Delight, CD, AJC, SGDC, ADC, CGN, HIT received RN on Aug 13, 2016

Congratulations to Dona Gould on earning Desiree's CD in style with 2 High in Class and 2 High in Booster (WASSA & CSSA Regional) in 2014. Then in 2016 on to two Agility titles - we are so proud of the two of you! And later in 2016 - new RN!


Ch. Kimicko Liska Double Exposure on Jun 26, 2016

Ditto finished at Grande Prairie, beautifully handled by Bev Klassen.


Ch Liska Star Gazer Bi Kimicko, Am RN CD RE CGN (Dusty) received CD RN RA on Nov 06, 2015

Dusty - beauty and brains - earned all three performance titles within six weeks. Way to go, buddy!


Ch Mudels Liska Dream Catcher (Bailey) on Jul 03, 2011

Bailey finished her championship at Lakeland. She is co-owned and co-bred with Brenda Muddle (Mudels).


Ch Liska Mudels Wish Upon A Star (Sparkle) on Jun 26, 2011

Sparkle finished at Grande Prairie with another BW!


Ch Kimicko Love Child Bi Liska RI Am RI CD CGN (Morgan) received CGN on Jun 05, 2011

Morgan is co-owned and co-bred with Pam Cazes (Kimicko Perm. Reg'd.). She earned her CD with 2 HIC wins, and earned her first 2 Rally qualifiers with perfect scores. She adds the CGN title in 2011. Dam of 1 champion.


Liska An Irish Toast, RNCL RN CGN (Neala) received RNCL on Apr 01, 2010

Congratulations to Lorna Moon and Neala on also earning the RN, with a class placing! Neala earned her CGN on June 14, 2012!


Ch UCD Liska N Talamar Turn Back Time Am CD CDI RE CGN CGC (Elliot) received RE on Oct 25, 2009

Elliot, my "pupsicle", my buddy. Sire of 2 champions, and 1 RN/RNCL.


Ch Mudels Liska My Elusive Dreams (Lacey) received CH. on Jul 05, 2009

Lacey is co-owned and co-bred with Brenda Muddle (Mudels Shelties).


Liska An Irish Lullabye CD AADC CGN SGDC (Bridgit) received CD on Jul 01, 2009

Congratulations to Dona Gould and Bridgit on your agility and obedience titles!


Ch Liska The Aviatrix (Maybe) received CH. on Sep 12, 2005

Maybe earned a Group 3 on her way to her title. Owned by Debbie & Dave Starkey.


Ch Liska Diavolino Speed Trap (Radar) received CH. on Jul 25, 2005

Radar is co-owned with and loved by Diane Wilson.


Ch Kimicko N Liska Joint Venture (Banner) received CH. on Jun 15, 2005

Owned and loved by Wendy Cabral.


Ch Liska My Wild Irish Rose (Lucy) received CH. on Jun 25, 2004

Lucy is owned and loved by Rhea and Donna Grason. She is the dam of an RN/RNCL.


Liska Caprice, AgN, NAC, NJ CD (Livvy) received CD on Apr 15, 2004

Livvy was owned and loved by Jody Arkinstall.


Ch Liska The Nomad CD HT JHD (Nomad) received CH. on Oct 15, 2001

Nomad is owned, trained, and shown by Jill Werle.


Ch Liska Kiss From A Rose (Kendra) received CH. on Jul 18, 1999

Kendra earned a Group 3 the day after she finished her championship. Kendra retired to life as a therapy dog, owned and much loved by Davida Marantz.


Ch Liska Flight of Fancy (Fancy) received CH. on Jun 05, 1999

Fancy was owned by Brenda Muddle. Dam of 3 champions.


Ch Liska Dancing In The Dark (Brooke) received Ch. on Nov 28, 1998

Brooke is enjoying retirement with Marion MacGillivray. She is the dam of one champion.


Ch Mudels Silver Threads (Lindsay) received CH. on Apr 28, 1998

Lindsay was bred by Brenda Muddle. Dam of 3 champions (1 also an Am.Ch.).


Ch Liska Flash Dance (Flash) received CH. on Apr 12, 1998

Flash, aka "Dennis The Menace". Sire of 3 champions (including 1 with a CD and 1 with a CD/RN/CGN), and 1 SGDC/CD.


Ch Liska Celebrity ROMC (Bridie) received CH. on Jun 01, 1997

Bridie contributed so much to Liska through her 7 champion offspring.


Ch Liska Celebration (Cookie) received CH. on Aug 08, 1996

Cookie was co-owned with Irene Dube.


Ch Liska The Wandering Minstrel CD (Bailey) received CH. on Oct 15, 1995

Bailey was owned and loved by Barb McKee. Sire of 1 champion.


Ch Liska Fly By Night (Flyer) received CH. on Oct 15, 1994

Flyer was owned by Wendy McNaughton. He sired one champion/group placer.


Ch Liska The Wanderer (Token) received CH. on Sep 10, 1994

Token was a wonderful boy, loved people and even loved visits to his veterinarian! He is sadly missed here at Liska. Sire of 1 champion, 1 OT Champion, and 1 CD.


Ch Liska Behind Every Cloud (Sapphire) received CH. on Oct 10, 1992

Sapphire finished at the Working-Herding Dog Association of Alberta specialty.


Ch Liska The Magic Maiden (Magic) received CH. on Jul 05, 1992

Magic was owned by Neil Gregory.


Ch Liska Dark Secret At Meridian (Tracy) received CH. on May 19, 1992

Tracy was owned by Mrs. A. E. Slaughter.


Ch Hycrest's Sweet Destiny (Crickett) received CH. on Dec 08, 1991

Crickett was bred by Karen Pipke. Dam of 2 champions and 1 CD.


Ch Liska The Magic Touch (Rory) received CH. on Oct 18, 1990

Rory was owned by Bill & Denyse Jopling.


BISS Ch Liska The Wayfarer (TJ) received BISS on May 02, 1989

Shown by his breeder, owned and loved by Toni Williamson and family. TJ was a specialty winner and multiple group winner and multiple group placer. Sire of 6 champions.


Ch Liska Caste A Black Spell (Murphy) received CH. on Apr 21, 1989

Murphy was a very special boy, my soul mate, what dog people today would call my "heart dog". Sire of 3 champions.


Ch Meridian's Nite Flight CDX ROMC (Davina) received CH. on May 21, 1986

Bred by Mrs. A. E. Slaughter (Meridian Perm. Reg'd.), Davina was Liska's foundation, and the dam of 7 champions.


HIT Ch Macdega Northern Venture CDX (Venture) received CDX/HIT on May 18, 1986

Venture earned another High in Trial from the Open class the following year. He was co-owned with Mona Rechner.


HIT Ch OTCh Lauxly's Song Sung Blue TT (Misty) received CH. on May 01, 1977

Misty - my first Sheltie - bred by Cathy Laux, Hazel Slaughter enabled me to buy Misty, and my love of Shelties began.....


MBPIS MBBPIS Ch Miqelon Lyrique Bi Liska on Dec 31, 1969


MBPIS MBBPIS Ch Miqelon Lyrique Bi Liska on Dec 31, 1969

Dolly earned her Championship in two weekends, BW for all points. She also earned two Best Puppy in Show wins on those weekends. Congratulations to owners Jenna Cruthers and Denise Cornelssen.


HIT Ch Attridge Kimicko April Showers, Am RI CD RE CGN (Janine) on Dec 31, 1969

In 2019, Janine earned her CGN in March, her RN in May, her CD in June, and a High in Trial in June!




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